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 DateRelease Hot Dance Airplay Singles 
5-Dec-2007Comp USA - Carries Jenna Drey DVD Artist Chart History 
4-Dec-2007Letra Top Chart List 
3-Nov-2007Music-Tech.Net Indie Artist Showcase Review 
22-Jun-2007Bachelor Party Vegas Soundtrack 
14-Nov-2006SHOUT Magazine - Jenna Drey Interview 
20-Oct-2006Jenna Drey Nominated for Best Modern Song 
14-Oct-2006HDTV - UK Jenna Drey DVD 
16-Sep-20066th Annual Great American Song Contest Winner 
9-Sep-2006Monster Cable - Jenna Drey DVD Release 
9-Sep-2006San Francisco Bay Times - One Step Further Review 
9-Sep-2006Song Contest Winner Announcement 
9-Aug-2006Boi Magazine Interview (Chicago) 
9-Aug-2006Houston Chronicle - Jenna Drey finds her niche on the nightclub 
9-Aug-2006Out Smart Magazine - One Step Further Review 
21-Jul-2006BUZZ Magazine - Jenna Drey Feature Story 
25-Jun-2006Fusion Chicago - Chicago Pride Parade Performance 
14-Jun-2006What a Feeling!! Jenna Drey performs with Irene Cara 
24-Dec-2005Unisong International Song Writing Contest Winners 
19-Dec-2005Handstamp (Houston) 2005 Recap 
7-Dec-2005USA Today Music Careers Feature 
2-Sep-2005Great American Song Contest 2005 
19-Aug-2005Handstamp Diva Archive 
15-Aug-2005VH1 Song of the Year Award 
12-Aug-2005Houston Chronicle - Jenna Drey Finds Her Niche 
20-Nov-20042004 Dallas Songwriters Association - Best Song 
20-Nov-20042004 Dallas Songwriters Association - Semifinalist 
16-Jul-2004TAXI Transmitter Headline - Jenna Drey Deal 
15-Nov-20032003 Dallas Songwriters Association - Grand Prize 

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