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Discography Discography
Summer Night in Seattle
1) Summer Night in Seattle (NEW!! Summer 2012!!)

Can't Let Go
1) Can't Let Go ( Lenny B. Radio ) 3:26
2) Can't Let Go ( Josh Harris & Lenny B. Radio) 3:00
3) Can't Let Go ( Sylvane Radio Mix) 3:16
4) Can't Let Go ( Razor N' Guido Radio) 4:23
5) Can't Let Go ( Lenny B. Club Mix ) 5:17
6) Can't Let Go (Josh Harris & Lenny B. Club) 4:36
7) Can't Let Go ( Sylvane Club Mix ) 5:10
8) Can't Let Go ( Oliver Watts JBH Club ) 7:28
9) Can't Let Go ( Razor N' Guido Club ) 8:44
10) Can't Let Go ( Razor N' Guido Mixshow ) 6:00
11) Can't Let Go ( Razor N' Guido Dub ) 7:08
12) Can't Let Go ( Razor N' Guido Funky Dub ) 6:59
13) Can't Let Go ( J. Harris & Lenny B. Radio Extended) 3:23

Girlz Night Out
1) Girlz Night Out (Alex Ghanati & Niklas Bergwall Dance Radio Mix) - 3:14
2) Girlz Night Out (Andy Harding Dance Radio Remix) - 3:24
3) Girlz Night Out (Mark Hudson Pop Radio Mix) - 3:21
4) Girlz Night Out (Andy Harding Club Remix) - 5:45
5) Girlz Night Out (DJ Ivar Club Remix) - 6:35

JennaRation Album
Danceable pop/rock is back, "JUST LIKE THAT"!! This album, with 13 tracks, was produced by two-time Grammy Winner Nile Rodgers (Madonna, Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Diana Ross, etc) and Kevin Churko (Shania Twain). Jenna Drey, winning over 5 International Songwriting Contests this past year, combines the best of retro 80's pop with modern funk.

One Step Further
Includes FIFTEEN of your favorite tracks and favorite mixes!

By The Way - Maxi Single
Includes SIX great remixes of "By The Way". Original release, 2006 Robbins Entertainment.

Killin Me - Maxi Single
Includes SIX great remixes of "Killin' Me". Original release Feb. 2005 Audio One Records, Inc.

Why Should I Believe You - Maxi Single
Includes EIGHT great remixes of "Why Should I Believe You" by Josh Harris, Valentin, Mike Rizzo & Kevin Churko

Fan Club Special! Only $18.99 for ALL FOUR!
Special Bonus Purchase: Contains the 13 track, "JUST LIKE THAT" album plus the "KILLIN' ME" Maxi Single, plus THE "Why Should I Believe You" Maxi Single all for a reduced price. A special bonus fan club table card photo will be included with each order.

Autographed Photo

Killin' Me - Vinyl 33-1/3 RPM

This original new vinyl contains 4 club remixes of the hit, "Killin' Me." Side A1) Killin' Me - Rizzo Miami Club Mix 8:26 A2) Killin' Me- J. Budz Mix Show 6:48 Side B1) Killin' Me - Rizzo Global Club Mix 8:10 B2) Killin' Me - P. Presta Dub Mix 6:54

Why Should I Believe You - The Videos

This DVD contains three mixes of the video shot at Microsoft Studios. Audio mixes include the main radio versions and the Josh Harris club extended remix version.

Autographed Poster

Jenna Drey & Monster/ISF Cable Calibration Wizard DVD
 The Monster/ISF HDTV Calibration Wizard DVD is the next best thing to hiring a costly technician to visit your home. The Calibration Wizard provides easy-to-use live video shots to help you calibrate your TV without complicated test patterns. You will be amazed at the better detail, more realistic picture quality, and more accurate black levels and contrast.